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Our Direct Cremation service is caring and more environmentally friendly. Further information is provided below or click to read our                                 

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DIRECT CREMATION – an unattended cremation service - £1295.00 fully inclusive (extra options such as viewing and attending the crematorium can be added at an extra cost, please see our FAQ's).


This is a very popular choice for people who would like to have a simple, cost effective, more environmentally friendly cremation service, without a funeral ceremony. The committal is not attended by family or friends, however, we are present and please be assured that our same high level of care, respect and dignity is maintained at all times.  


The cost is fully inclusive, with payment required in full prior to cremation, and includes the following:-


•  Our professional services.

•  A face to face meeting or telephone meeting with postage of documents to complete all the necessary        paperwork, including advice on registration.

•  Assistance with DWP claim from the Social Fund if eligible.

•  Collection of the person who has died within a 25 mile radius.

•  Doctors fee (or liaison with the Coroner if necessary).

•  Liaising with all third parties and completion of all necessary paperwork.

•  Looking after the person who has died in a respectful and dignified manner within our funeral home.

•  An environmentally friendly coffin suitable for cremation.

•  Transportation to a local crematorium of our choice.

•  Return of the cremated remains to our office for collection (in the container provided by the crematorium or you have the option of purchasing a scatter tube or urn), unless being scattered at the crematorium.


Please note that there is no attendance at the crematorium or viewings of the deceased with this fully inclusive direct cremation service, although you do have the option to add on viewing or attendance for an extra cost, and you are permitted to bring in any suitable items/letters you would like us to place in the coffin.  We also have a tree planted and dedicated, as our gift to you, and we will give you the certificate of dedication in your loved ones name.

We also offer a Direct Burial service, our fees are £895.00, plus there is a plot fee (if not already owned), burial fee, as well as monumental masonry and any other fees, please ask for further information.


£1345.00 Fully Inclusive Attended Direct Cremation

This option offers the same excellent provisions as in our standard Direct Cremation option, however, you are allowed to attend this direct cremation.   Southport Crematorium have 8.15am and 9am times available.  This will include 1 piece of music and allow the family (10 max) to enter the chapel to say goodbye.  There is to be no service, minister, visual tribute, or recording  permitted as this is a direct option with chapel use of no more than 10 minutes.   We use an environmentally friendly coffin and you can bring items in to have placed with your loved one.  We provide information on how you can celebrate the life of your loved one in a different way, free bereavement support, and a certificate of dedication for a tree we have had planted in your loved ones memory.

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