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What to do when someone dies.

We understand this is a very difficult time, here is some practical advice to help you.


If the person has died at home and the death was expected, your first call should be to their Doctor/End of Life Nurse (if they are not with you already).  If it is an unexpected or sudden death, then your first call should be to the Police.  If your loved one is in a care home they will advise you and make the necessary first calls.   If you have a Funeral Director you would like to use, you should call them next.  They will be able to give you further advice which relates to your particular situation, can arrange paperwork, and advise you when they will be able to bring the person into their care.


There are 2 main things to do after someone dies.

1.  Register the death within 5 working days (8 days in Scotland), by telephoning your local registry office or by using the GOV.UK link below to find your local registry office and book an appointment online.

2.  Arrange the funeral or direct cremation - you can use a funeral director or arrange it yourself.


Click here to view some external website links that may be helpful to you.


Please contact us should you wish to speak to us about any of the above, we are here to help.  The GOV.UK link below is very helpful and contains a link for the Tell Us Once service, although you should be given information about this by your registrar when you register the death.  The link also contains information about other practical things to consider after someone dies.

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