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Michael, Michelle or Lee will go through everything with you, via telephone, email, zoom, at the funeral home or at your home, whichever is the best method for you.  They will answer all your questions and put your mind at ease, and will always provide you with an estimate.


There are many things to consider when arranging a funeral, from traditional to something more unique, we can guide you through the process and complete all necessary paperwork.  We will help you provide your loved one the perfect funeral.  We can show you many options to suit your needs and make sure that every detail is exactly how you wish it to be.


Some of the things to consider are:   funeral service (religious or non-religious), cremation or burial, readings, music, clothing choices, coffin choices, items to place with your loved one, vehicle choice and route, order of service, flowers, donations, reception.


Please telephone or call in to our office to ask any questions you may have.


We are here to help.

Arranging a Funeral

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