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If you have seen one of our leaflets and would like to order a custom song, with the company Our Song Request (OSR), you can do so using the link below.

Currently you can use the code FD50 for £50 off your song order with them. 

You can read further information about OSR below.

We are very blessed to be able to offer you the option of having a custom song made for you, by a locally owned business, who truly care about creating a beautiful unique song for you in memory of your loved one.   You can choose from many styles of music.  You receive a unique and personal song, and can even order a plaque with a photograph and QR code for your song. 

Please click or scan the QR code below to hear an example of a song.


If you call in to our office, you can be shown the beautiful plaques available and receive a demonstration of a song being played via the QR code. 

The songs can be used for your loved ones funeral, celebration of life service or as a lasting memorial after.  The song link or QR code can be used by anyone you chose to give it to, and can be printed on an order of service etc.  Songs can be ordered at any time, by anyone, you do not have to be a client of ours, and it does not matter how long your loved one has passed, you can still order your song using our link.

You simply order your song directly with Our Song Request, using the button above and by clicking on the artist you prefer, or by going direct to their website 

You can use the code FD50 for £50 off your song order.

Below is some information from Our Song Request (OSR) about their service.

Our Unique Service

Our service provides personalised songs to honour the lives of those who have passed away.

We aim to bring solace and comfort during the grieving process by creating unique and heartfelt songs.  We understand that everyone's grief journey is unique, so we tailor each song to reflect the individuality of the person being honoured.

In addition to personalised songs, we also offer a stunning plaque.  The plaque features a QR code that encases the song, allowing it it be played, shared and downloaded at any time.

Our goal is to bring a sense of peace, comfort and healing through music.  We aim to help you find solace in the memories and love that will always endure.


How long does my original song take?

It takes between 4-7 days to create your original song and plaque.  You will receive your full package within 10 working days (including delivery time).

How will my song be delivered?

You can easily download, listen to, and share your original song anytime from your song page by using your QR code.  Once the code is scanned, you will be able to download your song and share the link to your song's customised page with your friends and family.

How much does it cost?

Our song package costs £189 and comes with a Worry-Free Guarantee.  So if you want to make some tweaks to your song once you hear it, you can revise, and tweak your lyrics at no extra cost.  The plaques start at £35 for acrylic.

Can I make changes to my original song once I hear it?

If you receive your original song and would like to make any changes, our Worry-Free Guarantee is here to assist you.  You can make modifications to your song's lyrics at no additional cost, including an unlimited number of fixes for misspellings and mispronunciations.  Simply email your requested changes to us and your artist will promptly work on the revisions.  Once complete, we will resend you the final version of your song.

To order a song simply click on the 'Custom Song' button above or contact us for more information.  You do not have to be a client of ours, and it does not matter how long your loved one has passed, you can still order your song using our link.

You can use the code FD50 for £50 off your song order.

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